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Michael Brown


I am a development communication facilitator, practice-led researcher, participatory and ethnographic filmmaker, and an academic. Influenced by Paulo Freire, my practice-led research focuses on social and environmental issues, and the landscape. I seek to support grassroots marginalised and disadvantaged people, animals and the environment to have a stronger voice in the discussion of issues that directly affect them. I have engaged with various communities in 20 countries around the world. 


My ethnographic filmmaking is often empirical research, giving valuable insights into the lives of people and communities, making tangible connections between lived-experiences and policy. Utilising my skills in participatory methodologies, I have acted as Principal Investigator on numerous community-based development projects, using participatory, ethnographic and documentary filmmaking to describe processes and facilitate the sharing of recommendations and lessons learned. I facilitate relevant workshops for development organisations, utilising participatory methods that allow stakeholders to share experiences, explore issues, and produce recommendations to enhance sustainable development practice and policy.

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Countries I have worked in include:

America, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Canada, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, India,

Indonesia, Ireland, Nepal, Thailand, The Maldives, Pakistan, Poland,

Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Uganda and Vietnam.

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