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Carbon Offset

To reduce my carbon footprint I have created my own woodland, purchasing 5 acres of land and planting 3000 trees. Located in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, the woodland is primarily a mix of indigenous broadleaf trees, native to the island of Ireland, including oak, birch, alder, hazel, rowan, ash, holly, and Scots pine.

Planted as thin slips in 2009, the trees have captured carbon from the atmosphere as they have grown, offsetting the carbon emissions produced by my own life and work. I have calculated my annual carbon emission is about 10.3 tonnes, meaning I need to maintain a minimum of about 666 trees to offset my carbon emissions.


After 12 years the trees are now mature, creating a biodiverse woodland habitat rich in flora and fauna. Woodland management includes coppicing the trees - cutting a few feet from the ground, allowing the tree to grow back from its existing root system. Sustainably harvesting the trees in rotation in this way produces wood as a carbon-neutral fuel source; on burning the trees release the same amount of carbon that they captured when growing.


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