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Knowledge Exchange

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Michael Brown, Symposium Convener
Introduction to the Symposium's Themes

Stephen McCloskey
Centre for Global Education

Questioning Social Development

Mary Chambers
Oxford University Clinical Research Unit Vietnam

Participatory Visual Methods and Ethics

David Borish

HERD - Participatory filmmaking with Inuit communities in Northern Canada

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Inspiring Others

I seek dialogue with practitioners and academics, sharing experiences and methodologies, so together we might flourish whilst promoting positive change in the world. I facilitate workshops and symposiums, bringing together practitioners and academics to promote knowledge exchange.

Masterclasses on Participatory and Ethnographic Filmmaking for Social Change

These Masterclasses were presented in (1)Thunder Bay, Canada in February 2024, as part of the Spotlight on Academics Film Festival, and (2) Kathmandu, Nepal in December 2023, as part of the Nepal Human Rights Film Centre Film Festival. The recording of the sessions is supported by participant feedback in the PDF documents.

Symposium of Ethnographic and Participatory Documentary for Social Change












This two-day symposium explored how ethnographic and participatory documentary may be positively affecting people's lives and environments around the world, whilst questioning the very concept of sustainable development. International practitioners and academics shared their experiences of ethnographic and participatory filmmaking as an action promoting positive change. Speakers presented real-life examples, describing methodologies and reflecting on impact.

Recordings of Sessions




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Sagar Raj Sharma
Professor of Development Studies, Kathmandu University

Introducing the Himalayan Center for Asian Studies

Evelyn Pauls and Saroj Sharma Sapkota
On behalf of the Berghof Foundation

Participatory filmmaking with female ex-combatants around the world

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Cornelia Eckert, Ana Luiza Carvhalho da Rocha and Pedro da Rocha Peim
Image and Visual Effects Database, Porto Alegre, Brazil
People and Place - Ethnographic documentation reshaping the history of Porto Alegre

Reflective Panel Discussion Featuring:
Cahal McLaughlin, Ethnographic and Participatory Filmmaker, QUB
Claire Wright, Research Fellow, School of Law, QUB
Raluca Roman, Anthropologist, QUB
Sagar Raj Sharma, Development Studies, Kathmandu University


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