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Generated Funding

Here is a breakdown of the funding I have generated through grant applications and consultancy, totalling about £1.5 million.

Irish Aid: £450,000
UK Aid: £120,000
The Wellcome Trust: £140,000

Northern Ireland Screen: £50,000

Global Challenges Research Fund: £22,000
The Heritage Lottery Fund: £80,000
Belfast City Council: £45,000
Lloyds TSB Foundation: £28,000
Early Years - the organisation for young people: £250,000

The Northern Ireland Hospice: £60,000
The Donkey Sanctuary UK: £15,000
The Fermanagh Trust: £180,000

Police Service Northern Ireland: £15,000

Fermanagh District Council: £5,000
The Leprosy Mission Ireland: £180,000

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